Guidelines for oral presentations, abstracts and posters

Oral presentations

We kindly ask all the lecturers which will present their work with a lecture on the RBC 2018 to prepare your talk within the following time limits:

- plenary lectures will be 45 minutes long (35 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion),
- lectures 30 minutes long (25 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion),
- orals 15 minutes long (12 minutes talk + 3 minutes discussion), and
- short pitches for the Remote session 5 minutes long.

Important: plan to upload your lecture at least one day before your session starts. Due to time optimization and to avoid technical issues, lectures cannot be presented from your own notebooks. Please upload your lecture in PPT or PDF format at the "upload corner", which will be located in front of the main lecture hall (check web page and RBC conference programme).

During registration, each lecturer should give (or decline) consent to record lecture and publish videograms on VideoLectures by signing the appropriate form during registration. The uploaded presentations will also be used to prepare the videograms.

Guidelines for posters

At the conference, posters will be presented in two poster sessions with 2 minute short oral presentations (invitations) in front of the poster. Afterwards, the poster session will run simultaneously with the exhibition and catering.

Important: we kindly ask all the participants which will present their posters on the RBC 2018 to send us a PDF or a high-quality image JPG of your poster to or upload it in the Upload corner at the conference at the latest on Thursday, May 17, by 14:00. It will be shown on the two projection screens in the poster halls during your oral poster presentation. Also, prepare for 2 min oral invitations in front of your poster at the time indicated on the poster session plan . You can find your poster number in the book of abstracts, and the poster location and time of oral presentation here.

A space to hang up a poster will be provided to all participants who have submitted abstracts for poster presentation. Please prepare your poster in A0 format or smaller (ideal: A0 = 841 mm width x 1189 mm height), in portrait layout. We do not offer any poster printing services, so please bring your poster with you.

Hang up the poster at the beginning of the conference (preferably on Wednesday, the first day of the conference) on the appropriate location. Fixing material will be supplied and the location of the poster will be announced in the book of abstracts.

Guidelines for abstracts

Until 1st May 2018 all registered participants should submit a short abstract of their oral presentation or poster. The abstracts will be available in the online conference book during and after the conference.

After registering for the conference, abstracts may be submitted via this link using your RBC2018 account (created during registration) or by clicking "User home" and "New submission" after signing in.

Guidelines regarding abstracts:

- a maximum of one abstract per conference attendee may be submitted
- the abstract should be submitted as plain text with no images and additional formatting (no bold, underline, italic, bullets, numbering, etc.)
- supplementary data upload is not available
- all abstract texts are limited to up to 250 words (including citations)
- the Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts according to their rejection criteria
- citations should be included in the text using the Vancouver form without using text formatting (1)

(1) Errami M, Garner H. A tale of two citations. Nature. 2008;451(7177): 397–399. Available from: doi:10.1038/451397a.