Conference programme

The detailed programme is at the bottom of this page! The graphic almost final version of the conference programme (May 2018):

Plenary speakers (Plenary lectures)

Gerhard J. Schütz (Austria)
Vladana Vukojević (Sweden)
Janos Hajdu (Sweden)
Mario Cindrić (Croatia)
Gregor Anderluh (Slovenia)
Massimo Vassalli (Italy)
Michal Cagalinec (Slovakia)

Invited and contributing speakers (Lectures)

Invited speakers

Gregor Bano (Slovakia)
Beáta Bugyi (Hungary)
Silvia Caponi (Italy)
Johann Georg Danzl (Austria)
Imre Derényi (Hungary)
Marko Djordjević (Serbia)
Zuzana Garaiova (Slovakia)
Marko Gosak (Slovenia)
Nadica Ivošević-de Nardis (Croatia)
Aleksandar Krmpot (Serbia)
Erik Reimhult (Austria)
Juraj Szavits-Nossan (Scotland, UK)
Iztok Urbančič (Slovenia/UK)
Gabriella Viero (Italy)

Contributing speakers

Pavle Andjus (Serbia)
Orestis Andriotis (Austria)
Manuela Basso (Italy)
Loredana Casalis (Italy)
Isabella Derler (Austria)
Péter Horváth (Hungary)
Matjaž Humar (Slovenia)
Jaroslav Jacak (Austria)
Jernej Jorgačevski (Slovenia)
Miklós Kellermayer (Hungary)
Petar Lambrev (Hungary)
Magdalena Majekova (Slovakia)
Jurij Sablić (Slovenia)
Jasna Šaponjić (Serbia)

Special talks (Orals)

Parveen Akhtar
Andreas Maximilian Arnold
Andrej Dobovišek
Gergö Fülöp
Peter Galajda
Daniel Grajzel
Pavol Hrubovcak
Sofia Kapetanaki
Josef Lazar
Tea Lenarčič
Hana Majaron
Adéla Melcrová
Nebojša Milošević
Irene Jimenez Munguia
Janja Mirtič
Michal Nemergut
Jakub Nowak
Aleksandra Pavićević
Edina Szabó-Meleg
Gergely J Szöllősi
Attila Gergely Végh
Saša Vrhovec Hartman
Alexandra Zahradníková
Špela Zemljič Jokhadar
Miroslav Živic

Poster sessions & Exhibition (Poster presentations)

Posters will be first presented with 2 minute short oral presentations. Later, a poster session will take place. Guidelines for posters and presenters may be found here.

Parallel to the poster session, the catering and exhibition will be held as well, providing an opportunity for various companies to present tools and services to support all areas of biophysics.

Social programme

As always, we will take care of the informal part of the conference as well.

On Wednesday after the plenary lecture, a unique catering will be held for all participants of the conference.

For Friday, a variety of exciting excursions will be available, all followed by the Conference dinner back in Zreče.

1. Remote session at Ptuj Castle: »Quo vadis, biophysics«: Exciting lectures on the future course of biophysics will be followed by a vivid discussion.

2. the Pekel Cave: a magnificent karst cave with a well-maintained 1km long path through the cave, connecting an uderground waterfall, a silent gallery, numerous small lakes and a treasury of cave structures.

3. the Žiče Charterhouse: a beautiful, remote monastery, founded in 12th century and abolished in the 18th century is now being recreated. In the charterhouse, a short live concert with 5th - 17th century music will be held - expect a small surcharge (up to 10 EUR).

4. An easy and relaxing walk on the Pohorje mountain range to the striking lakes Lovrenška jezera.

The final number of these options will depend on the number of conference participants. During registration at the conference, each participant will have the option of choosing one of the desired excursions. In the case of pre-booking, we will operate by the principle of first-registered, first-choose.

Detailed conference programme

Wednesday, 16. 5. 2018

11:15 Registration (11:15 - 12:45)
14:00 Registration (14:00 - 19:00)
15:45 Opening

System biology, bioinformatics, omics

16:00 Plenary lecture: Mario Cindrić - Identification of microorganisms by mass spectrometry (HR)

16:45 Invited lecture: Marko Djordjević (RS) - Biophysical modeling of bacterial immune system regulation

17:15 Plenary lecture: Oral: Gergely J. Szöllősi (HU) - Gene transfers, like fossils, can date the tree of life

Ultrafast phenomena

17:30 Plenary lecture: Janos Hajdu (HU)- X-ray Diffraction from Single Particles and Biomolecules

18:15 Contributing lecture: Petar H. Lambrev (HU) - Ultrafast energy transfer dynamics in photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes probed by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy

18:45 Oral: Sofia M. Kapetanaki (UK) - Understanding the interplay of heme and carbon monoxide in ion channel regulation

19:15 Get-together dinner

Thursday, 17. 5. 2018

8:00 Breakfast & Registration

Advanced imaging and spectroscopies

8:45 Plenary lecture: Michal Cagalinec (SK) - Cell biophysics of fluorescent probes for super-resolution optical microscopy

9:30 Invited lecture: Iztok Urbančič (SI) - Advanced STED microscopy of the membrane organisation in activating T-cells

10:00 Contributing lecture: Mario Brameshuber (AT) - Monovalent T-cell antigen receptor complexes drive T-cell antigen recognition

10:30 Oral: Josef Lazar (CZ) - 2P or not 2P: single-photon vs. two-photon polarization fluorescence microscopy

10:45 Break

Advanced imaging and spectroscopies

11:15 Contributing lecture: Jurij Sablić (SI) - Open Boundary Molecular Dynamics of DNA (SI)

Biomedical applications and cancer

11:45 Invited lecture: Imre Derényi (HU) - Cancer Risk and the Somatic Cell-lineage Tree

12:15 Invited lecture: Gregor Bano (SK)- Phosphorescence kinetics of singlet oxygen produced by pulsed laser excitation - selected special cases

12:45 Contributing lecture: Loredana Casalis (IT)- Cell biomechanics as a marker of disease development: the case of calcific aortic valve disease

13:15 Lunch

Biomedical applications and cancer

14:45 Contributing lecture: Pavle R. Andjus (RS) - Subcellular astrocytic markers of neuroinflammation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as revealed by synchrotron-based spectromicroscopy

15:15 Oral: Irene Jiménez Munguía (RU) - Bilayer lipid membrane as a model of photodynamic therapy processes in cancer cells

15:30 Oral: Michal Nemergut (SK) - Affinity chromatography based on DARPin and maltose binding protein complex formations

15:45 Oral: Attila Gergely Végh (HU) - Membrane tethers reshape intercellular de-adhesion dynamics

16:00 Oral: Janja Mirtič (SI) - Alginate based microcapsules for local probiotic delivery: Evaluation of bacterial entrapment, release, and growth

16:15 Oral: Aleksandra Pavićević (RS) - EPR spin labeling of erythrocytes as a tool for diagnosis and the follow-up of the treatment of Gaucher disease

16:30 Break

Computational biophysics

16:45 Invited lecture: Juraj Szavits-Nossan (HR) - mRNA sequence determinants of protein production rate

17:15 Invited lecture: Marko Gosak (SI) - Network science as a gateway to understanding of emerging dynamics and function of multicellular systems

17:45 Contributing lecture: Magdalena Majekova (SK) - Ligand-based drug design considering specific features of aldose reductase

18:15 Oral: Andrej Dobovišek (SI) - The maximum entropy production principle in enzyme kinetics: novel theoretical insights

Poster session with buffet dinner (18:45-22:30)

Oral invitations and sponsor presentations at:

19:15 posters from PS-01 to PS-7,
19:45 Fotona,
20:05 posters from PS-76 to PS-90,
20:45 Nanotemper,
21:05 posters from PS-21 to PS-33,
21:45 posters from PS-45 to PS-50.

Friday, 18. 5. 2018

8:00 Breakfast & Registration

Single molecule and interactions

8:45 Plenary lecture: Gerhard J. Schütz (AT) - Varying label density to probe membrane protein nanoclusters in STORM/PALM

9:30 Contributing lecture: Miklós Kellermayer (HU) - Mechanically-driven ejection of viral DNA

10:00 Oral: Saša Vrhovec Hartman (SI) - Diffusiophoresis of blood cells and vesicles in transient chemical gradients

10:15 Oral: Jakub Nowak (PL) – Cutting edge biophysical tools to determine biomolecular interactions and characterize protein stability in solution

10:30 Oral: Andreas M. Arnold (AT) - Overcoming Blinking Artifacts in Nanocluster Detection with Two Color STORM

10:45 Break

Materials & Nanobiophysics

11:15 Invited lecture: Erik Reimhult (AT) - Tailoring biomolecular interactions of core-shell nanoparticles and their application to magnetoresponsive drug delivery vehicles

11:45 Invited lecture: Zuzana Garaiova (SK) - Nanoparticles as drug delivery systems. The interaction with biomembrane models

12:15 Contributing lecture: Jaroslaw Jacak (AT) - Bio-applications for 3D Nanolithography in Microfluidics

12:45 Contributing lecture: Orestis G. Andriotis (AT) - Poking and pulling collagen: Nanomechanical assessment of native collagen fibrils

13:15 Oral: Hana Majaron (SI) - A relevant in vitro model of the alveolus enables reliable studies of nanomaterial-cell interactions

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Remote session & Excursion

16:20 Remote session in Ptuj Castle »Quo vadis, biophysics« (Janez Štrancar, opening)
16:25 Gerhard Schütz (AT) - Future perspectives of superresolution microscopy
16:30 Mauro Dalla Serra (IT) - COST action ARBRE-MOBIEU
16:35 Andrej Korenić (RS) - AUTOIGG: MSC RISE Action
16:40 Pavle R. Andjus (RS) - Can Belgrade School of Physiology help SpaceX mission to Mars and beyond?
16:45 Laszlo Zimanyi (HU) - ELI-ALPS presentation
16:50 Géza I. Groma (HU) - Ultrafast kinetics of the intramolecular energy migration in NADH
16:55 Tilen Koklič (SI) - In vitro models and H2020 SmartNanoTox
17:00 Jaroslaw Jacak (AT) - Lithography for microfluidics: organ on a chip systems
17:05 András Kincses (HU) - Effects of shear stress on a lab-on-a-chip endothelial model
17:10 General discussion

20:00 Conference dinner

Saturday, 19. 5. 2018

8:00 Breakfast & Registration

Cell biophysics

8:45 Plenary lecture: Massimo Vassalli (IT) - Mechanosensing in living cells: the emerging role of piezo channels in human patho-physiology

9:30 Invited lecture: Silvia Caponi (IT) - Mechanical and chemical analysis of single living cells investigated by non-contact micro-spectroscopic techniques

10:00 Invited lecture: Nadica Ivošević-de Nardis (HR) - Single cell at the charged interface

10:30 Oral: Edina Szabó-Meleg (HU) - Visualization of transport properties of membrane nanotubes with live cell laser-scanning confocal and superresolution (SIM) microscopes

10:45 Oral: Miroslav Živic (RS) - ATP dependency of osmotically activated outwardly rectified current in the membrane of cytoplasmic droplets obtained from sporangiophore of model filamentous fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus

11:00 Break

Cell biophysics

11:30 Invited lecture: Gabriella Viero (IT) - Towards understanding of translation biology by coupling positional sequencing and nano-imaging

12:00 Contributing lecture: Matjaž Humar (SI) - Bio-integrated micro-laser particles for sensing, imaging and cell barcoding

12:30 Oral: Peter Galajda (HU) - Fast evolution of antibiotic resistance in microfluidic devices

12:45 Oral: Špela ZemljiČ Jokhadar (SI) - The role of Arp2/3 complex in cytomechanics measured by AFM and optical tweezers

13:00 Lunch


14:30 Plenary lecture: Vladana Vukojević (RS) - Functional Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging (fFMI) of fast dynamic processes in live cells by massively parallel Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

15:15 Invited lecture: Johann G. Danzl (AT) - Improving high-resolution optical imaging for (neuro-)biology

15:45 Contributing lecture: Jernej Jorgačevski (SI) - Exocytotic properties of astrocytic vesicles

16:15 Contributing lecture: Jasna Šaponjić (RS) - Altered sleep oscillations as early biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease cholinopathy

16:45 Break

Computational biophysics

17:00 Contributing lecture: Péter Horváth (HU)

17:30 Oral: Daniel Grajzel (HU) - Tissue size regulation amplifies the effect of asymmetrical cell divisions on cancer incidence

17:45 Oral: Nebojša Milošević (RS) - Artificial neural networks and multidimensional approach in the classification: 2D images of neurons from the human dentate nucleus

18:00 Oral: Alexandra Zahradníková (SK) - Energetics of the open - closed transition in the RYR N-terminal region: importance for the CPVT phenotype

Poster session with buffet dinner (18:30-22:30)

Oral invitations and sponsor presentations at:

19:00 posters from PS-08 to PS-20,
19:45 Nanion,
20:05 posters from PS-65 to PS-75,
20:45 Fotona,
21:05 posters from PS-34 to PS-44,
21:35 posters from PS-51 to PS-64.

Sunday, 20. 5. 2018

8:00 Breakfast

Proteins & supramolecular structures

8:45 Plenary lecture: Gregor Anderluh (SI) - Mechanism of membrane interactions of Nep1-like proteins

9:30 Invited lecture: Aleksandar J. Krmpot (RS) - Mapping of hemoglobin residuals in erythrocyte ghosts using two photon excited fluorescence microscopy

10:00 Invited lecture: Beáta Bugyi (HU) – Coordination of actine-microtubule dynamics

10:30 Oral: Parveen Akhtar (HU) - Self-aggregation of light-harvesting complex II in reconstituted membranes mimics non-photochemical quenching in plants

10:45 Oral: Gergö Fülöp (AT) - Probing lipid interactions of plasma membrane proteins: a micropatterning approach

10:00 Break

Proteins & supramolecular structures

11:30 Contributing lecture: Manuela Basso (IT) - RNA-mediated intercellular miscommunication: role of extracellular vesicle cargos in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

12:00 Contributing lecture: Isabella Derler (AT) - The multiple roles of Orai N-terminus in CRAC channel function

12:30 Oral: Pavol Hrubovčák (SK) – Location of the general anesthtics in model membranes

12:45 Oral: Adéla Melcrová (CZ) - Influence of a transmembrane domain on calcium-membrane interaction

13:00 Oral: Tea Lenarčič (SI) - Structural basis for NLP toxicity

13:15 Closing

13:30 Lunch